Saturday, November 26, 2011


I'm so pleased with the versatility of this die for getting so many different looks.

The red card on top has a silver wreath cut from some silver glitter paper I bought last week. I added just a few dark red gems for embellishment.

The blue gate card is one of my favorites so far. The gems are tiny crystals and silver beads, with silver twine under the blossom.

Finally, the top note folded over is a deeper red than it looks here, which tones it down well. There is a smattering of tiny gems and beads around the wreath.

I had a little trouble at first with this die. One section wasn't cutting all the way through, and it took me a long time to get it to release. Since only one side was getting hung up, I tried putting it through the Cuttlebug, then turning the plates around and running it through again so that the "hung up" side was reversed. It worked! The wreath just popped right out after that. So if you have a similar problem with any of your dies, it could be your machine. I'm not a mechanic, but my guess is that the rollers are tighter on one side than the other, making it cut unevenly. Hope this tip helps!


Sandy said...

I love your style of card making. I just became a follower and now subscribe to your blog. Beautiful work!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Three more wonderful cards! These dies are sooo fun!

Vicky Hayes said...

Just fantastic Doris! That wreath die looks amazing - and thanks for the tip too.