Saturday, November 12, 2011


One look at this "after" photo gives you absolutely no clue as to what the "before" photo would have looked like! Seriously, I was down to a work space the size of a card by the time I got it cleaned up.

The pile to the right of the blotter was piled high with cardstock packages, scraps and Christmas stamps in use at the time. The pile under the lamp was a mish-mash of cards received, in progress and scraps of cards finished. Preparing card kits for mothers classes and workshops left little time to work on my own Christmas cards and even less time to clean up. By the time I get home from the two mothers classes on Wed. I'm usually so tired (it's also a 40-min. drive to the church) I fall asleep on the couch. Add to that a power outage of 8 days, and cleanup had consisted of brushing paper bits and glitter onto the floor between cards!

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to devote an entire day to the Stamping Tower. I turned on some music and started putting things away. What's left on my table now are the things I need for the next round of Christmas cards for myself, 53 to go... After Thanksgiving, the Christmas cards will be mailed out, the tower re-organized completely and my bags packed for our upcoming trip to Prague.

Meanwhile, I'll be posting some of my creations. I hope you enjoy them and glean some ideas for your own projects!

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