Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Our challenge for this class was to try a different technique or look.  Since I usually don't do a lot of layering or edging, I decided to try the vintage look by distressing the panel and sponging the edges.  I meant to crinkle the paper before sponging, but forgot--that's how new this style is for me!  The same color combo of 2 shades of brown, aqua, and 2 shades of purple have become easier to use.

Following one of the sketches for this week helped me break out of my usual pattern.  There are also a lot more layers on this card, thanks to my scrap drawer.  I even dug out my button maker for this one, too.

I like how this turned out and will probably try to incorporate more of these techniques and styles in future cards!  (Once in awhile...)

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Bonnie said...

You've really embraced these colors! Love the layout and the vintage look! I'm still not really comfortable with using this look on my cards but always love it on others. I think I need lots more practice.