Sunday, November 14, 2010

OLW--Five Colors

Here's a card that actually looks worse IRL! That's quite appropriate in this case since the subtitle for this week is "Colour Me Bad."

This started out fine until I ran some gray "shadow" lines under the tree. It didn't look right, so I kept adding more, and more...and more...until I had quite a mess. Let me warn you: glitter doesn't cover up large blotchy areas like this one. White snow might have worked better; but I couldn't find it in my stash before the glue dried, so I reached for a jar of chunky glitter. Maybe it will improve when it all dries (HA!)

This one's headed for the trash once I link it to the One Layer Wed. challenge on Simplicity--I should at least get "credit" for using 5 colors and colouring it bad!


Jennifer Styles said...

Awww don't put it in the trash.

I quite like it. It may not have turned out quite as expected, but I think you did a great job!

Thanks for playing along with OLW28.

Susan said...

OH MY!! I can SO identify with your struggles! Don't throw it away. Give it a few days. These cards sometime tend to grow on you and you end up liking them. I think it looks great!

Bonnie said...

Read that quote on your wall! I think you did a great job of covering the smudges! I like the sparkle!