Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Next Stamping Tower

If I lived here in this castle, one of those towers would be just perfect for stamping! It is located in Karlstejn, about a 45-min. ride from Prague, CZ.

After the long uphill walk (that's Owen in the foreground, leading the way) we took the tour of the inside. The rooms were huge with very high ceilings. I was imagining how many stampers the rooms could accommodate! The valley views would be very inspirational, too!

It would need Ott lamps for good lighting, though; especially on gray days like this one. Then I'd add large tables on warm carpets, wall tapestries for sound absorption, and huge wooden cabinets for supplies. Oh, and lots of electrical outlets for heat guns, a coffee station and my computer--all the comforts of home with a little castle splendor thrown in!

(Click on photo twice for a closer view. For more photos of our trip, use the Fox Mtn. link at sidebar for our family blog.)

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Julie Marshall said...

Love this picture...what a quaint little street. Beautiful.