Saturday, March 25, 2017


After reading about this month's Paper Pumpkin on YouTube, I was not expecting much.  There were numerous complaints about the colors and patterns of the paper.  However, once I came up with some of my own ideas for using this kit, it turned out to be delightful.  Here's what I did:

First, I followed the instructions for the bunny bags, except that I also stamped the whiskers on the back to highlight the bunny tail.  The bags (empty for now) are adorable!  I decided to use them as place cards at the dinner table.

That gave me an idea for the adults at the table.  Instead of making a tiny card, I cut off the dsp side of the card to die cut as flowers at a later date.  After wrapping the bakers twine around the square, I attached the square to the envelope front with Fast Fuse.  I added the bunny tail on the back of the envelope which will be used to hold a Ghiradelli chocolate square.  As you can see here, I plan to write each adult name on the front and place them on the appropriate dinner plate.

I'm looking forward to using these for a festive Easter dinner table!


Bonnie said...

Your Easter table is going to be so much fun! Love these bunnies and chocolate is always a winner!

Kim S said...

SO charming!! I bet it was an extra special event (beside the obvious reasons!!) It was just three of us on Easter. My oldest son couldn't make it home from school. We visited my brother and family on Good Friday. I hadn't planned far enough ahead to invite friends. So with just my two guys and I - no cute table decorations at my house this year!