Wednesday, March 1, 2017


 By popular demand, I am doing a card class next Tuesday for 2 of my friends at Bible Study.  This is the card I came up with; but with its ragged edge at the bottom, it won't stand up on its own.  So I came up with an easel for the back of the card.  Problem solved!

The side view shows how the easel keeps the card on display. (I used white here so you can see it better.)

To make the easel, I started with a piece of cs cut at 3" x 4 1/2" and folded it at 3/4" on the long side.  With the short side at the bottom, I cut from the lower right corner to the top of the fold.  I then marked a spot 3/4" from the bottom on the edge I just cut.  The final cut is made from the bottom of the fold to the 3/4" mark on the right side.

To attach the easel, using a strong adhesive between the fold and the outer edge, mount the easel so that the narrow part is flush with the bottom of the card.  Open the flap to a 90 degree angle to make the card stand up.

I hope this easel construction makes sense!

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Bonnie said...

Very clever to put the easel on the back! I love that torn front! Another fun chick card!