Friday, March 17, 2017


Yesterday I found this card in my camera from some time ago.  Since I've been very sick (with bronchitis) and haven't had the energy to stamp for almost a week, I decided to post this for now.

This was for my grandson who turned 8 last month.  He wore an owl costume in his last school play, so it seems appropriate.

I managed to make some cards yesterday using leftovers from last year's April Paper Pumpkin.  It was nice to get a bunch done with little effort.  They're all addressed and ready to go for the April birthdays on my list.

One positive thing from being this sick:  Rick made dinner for us last night!  (Marie Callendars Chili Pot Pie--yummy comfort food.)


Beverly James said...

Love the owl...cute card. I like Marie's chicken pot pie. Need to try the chili. I have been diagnosed with COPD...chronic bronchitis. I have made it through the winter pretty good so far. Hoping you feel better soon.

Bonnie said...

This is a sweet owl, Doris! So sorry you've been sick. I hope you're well real soon.

Kim S said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick. And how sweet that you have an owl card for your grandson! I love the little boy plaid and the starry balloons.