Friday, May 24, 2013


 What a difference one narrow piece of dsp can make on a card!  Here is the same card shown with three changes of dsp across the bottom, giving each card a different look.  Which do you like best?

For the Mothers Class where we made this card, the lesson for this final week was the "kissing" technique.  For the large flower, we inked up the stamp in purple chalk ink and "kissed off" on a clean Filigree background stamp.  This removes some of the purple ink from the flower stamp, leaving the filigree design in its place.  The leaves were inked in green chalk ink and kissed off on a plaid background stamp the same way.

 For the little yellow flowers, we "stamped on" using yellow chalk ink on the flower stamp and red ink on the plaid stamp.  By "kissing" them together, the plaid design was added to the stamp.

Click on one of the photos for a closer look at the flowers and leaves.

As a final lesson for this year's classes, I showed them how to make envelopes using an 8 1/2" square of plain white typing paper.

(There are lots of videos for these techniques on YouTube.  Just be sure to use the word "stamp" when searching for the kissing technique; otherwise, I don't know what might come up!)

(See previous post for making the envelope.)

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Bonnie said...

I love the way a different piece of DSP or layout can change a card so much! I'm not sure which I like the best! I used one of the beautiful pieces of DSP you sent in my package. It made the most beautiful card! Thanks again for all the goodies!