Thursday, February 13, 2014

Secret Message Thank You

Here we are in the midst of yet another huge snow storm--a good time to stamp!

This secret message card is for someone who sent me a lovely Valentine card.  The base card is kraft, but the front panels are a light green.  The flowers are colored to look more like poppies than daisies.
 When the card is first opened, you see the back of the front square, which is why I used red  for the flowers.  The white boxes are for the letter I'm writing.  Although it's hard to see here, there are snow flakes stamped in white on the kraft rectangles.
Once opened up to reveal the secret message, there are flowers stamped with peg stamps on the kraft pieces.  The white rectangles are used for the words of encouragement hand written in green.

For instruction on how to open the card (or make it) just go to Utube or Google and type in secret message card.  Lots of them will come up!

Opening the card is so simple once you know the trick.  Enjoy!

(Click on photos to enlarge.)