Saturday, September 18, 2010

SEPTEMBER 19th--A Special Day

That's the day I was born, many years ago. I'll be spending the day relaxing, doing the Sunday Times crossword and maybe even catching a catnap. At my age, I keep the celebrating down to a dull roar...(lol). My DH is taking me out to dinner in a few hours with our son, DIL and 2 grandchildren. We'll have champagne and snacks here before we go--that's excitement enough for now!

Next week I'll drive to Long Island (2 hrs. from here) and celebrate with my sister and Dad who are taking me to dinner there. If my sister gets Friday off, we'll meet in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (my favorite museum in NYC) and then I'll drive us to her house from there after lunch.

Since this is not one of those dreaded "milestone" birthdays, a nice quiet celebration will be just fine--especially with no dishes to do!


maryr917 said...

happy birthday my blogger friend. yourcomments made me laugh-I just celebrated mine on friday-I had a quiet celebration as well

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Doris. Enjoy your special day. I send wishes for a most wonderful year.....again, Happy Birthday!

Bonnie said...

I like the quiet celebrations myself. As much as I love having my family around, it's tiring! Too many birthdays here I think! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating! Happy, Happy Birthday!