Sunday, September 26, 2010


Having your microwave struck by lightning isn't always a bad thing. It forced me to finally get this part of the kitchen under control. In fact, I like it much better this way:

First, there is now a "Coffee Station" where the old microwave used to be. The shelf above, which used to house all manner of clutter, is now perfect for boxes of the Tassimo discs used in the coffeemaker below. I also rearranged the shelves to the right so that they're no longer stuffed with "stuff" that was hard to get to.

Across the kitchen, on the counter next to the stove, the new microwave now sits. Not only will it be more convenient to use there, but the plug is now accessible (which it wasn't before.) When there are t-storms in the area, I can now unplug it before any damage is done. The mixer that was in that corner has been moved to the other end of the counter in place of the bread basket which is now on the table.

That was a lot of work, but that's not all. What you can't see is that I also de-cluttered all the outdated meds and vitamins, consolidated them into one drawer instead of two, and cleaned out some of the other cabinets. I plan to do more as time permits during the next few weeks.

What have YOU de-cluttered lately?

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