Friday, September 17, 2010

De-Clutter De House--Paperwork

Okay, now that summer is over and school is back in session, it's time to get things back in order. Let's start with collecting all the paper piles, so grab a large garbage bag and start sorting.

You decide what categories will work for you, such as magazines, bills, tax receipts, to-do lists, catalogs, etc. Handling each piece only once, divide into separate piles, discarding unnecessary papers as you go. Place the bills into a container or drawer that you can keep within easy reach so they don't get mixed in with other things or forgotten.

Toss outdated catalogs or give away older magazines as the newer ones arrive. Storing like things with like in a specific place makes them much more manageable--a stylish bucket for catalogs or a sleek magazine holder, for instance, help define the allotted space.

We'll be getting a lot of Christmas catalogs soon, so I keep a large decorative basket specifically for those. When I'm ready to start ordering gifts, I just pull out the basket and start shopping. Once the buying season is over, I toss the catalogs and use the basket for decorative paper goods (fancy napkins, paper plates) for holiday entertaining. After the holidays, the basket goes back in the closet until next year.

Don't let those papers pile up--be creative with ways to deal with them and go for it.

Leave a comment and share ways you've found to tame the paper tiger in your house!


dana said...

Will you travel half way across the USA and declutter my house? I'm too busy jogging! :) Actually, my pal and I have spent 3 days getting ready for our annual tag sale. We have decluttered a storage unit...and tomorrow, I will tag my pile of "collected stuff" and drag them over to her garage for the sale. SO , I guess I am doing a little decluttering. I just need to tackle every room in the house now!

Love your inspiration!!! And thanks for the kind comment on my post!!

The Syvertsens said...

The garbage bag is for shredding and the recycling bin right ;)

Since having kids, I just throw all my papers in a closet until the door won't shut and then I go through them
all. The funny thing is once I actually go through them, their validity is expired and it turns out ignoring them is perfect LOL. Oh and Chris loves the whole system (not)!