Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This Saturday is the annual Stamp Show in Allentown, PA; and we're looking forward to it! Joan and I will be going, along with several others whom we'll meet there. In addition to the companies that are usually there every year, we'll be able to see Our Daily Bread Designs "live" for the first time at the show. I have my list all ready! Included will be some oval globes to use with a bird set I plan to purchase at their booth.

In addition to new products, there are always new techniques to try at the make and take tables. Last year was my first introduction to Flower Soft, which has been a plus. This year I'm also interested in new ways/products for making easier shaker cards. We never know what we'll learn there along the way, so it's worth all the anticipation and the year-long wait.

I still remember the first show I attended several years ago. There was so much to see and learn, I had to leave early in the afternoon due to sensory overload! Truly, it can be overwhelming the first time. Now that we're "old pros" at it, though, we head straight for the most popular booth as soon as the doors open and start picking out the items on our (sophisticated?) lists! Then we bring things back to the car, lock them up and go back for what's new. We split up until noon when we meet for lunch and compare notes on what's hot and what's not. Then we shop for another hour or two before heading for home.... Gotta have a method, right? Not to mention, plenty of $$$ which I start saving right after Christmas.

Check back here for what we came home with (April 10th) and the deets on what we did all that day!

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Cheryl said...

Hey!!! I am going to be there with my daughter. Can't wait. It should be a great show. Wonder how I will be able to pick you out? Is Joan B going?
Hope to see you.
Cheryl Sims