Friday, April 9, 2010


Today was the class Jackie and I signed up for at the Stamp Show, and it certainly was well worth the time and money!

Shown here is just one of the cards we made using the new Shaker Pouches that are all the rage across the country. In fact, they are sold out already! The sponsor of our class has one last batch they'll be selling at the show tomorrow. The next shipment won't be in their store until May or June. It's easy to see why, too--they're extremely easy to use and are flat enough to send through the mail!

Jackie, (in blue jeans and blue/white shirt) did really well on her cards. In the background, some of the vendors were setting up for tomorrow's opening. We had a chance to peruse the goods being put out. Since this is Jackie's first time to a show, she was amazed at the huge bins of ep and glitter containers for sale. Not just one color of light green for example, but 10 or 12 shades of every color imaginable!

More updates after the Show tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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LeAnne said...

Looks like you're having fun!