Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am exhausted from having woken up at 4 am in anticipation of the show and been on my feet almost all day. It was well worth it, though. Got home around 4:30, made dinner and will now settle down in front of the TV for the Nascar race.

Two things made this year's show extra special: First, showing Jackie around the floor and watching her reactions to all the booths for her first time at a show--and second, meeting a fellow blogger face-to-face! Cheryl Sims, of Cheryl Stamps and Scraps, found me from my photo at right and introduced herself. She was there with her daughter.

Check back tomorrow for more news of what we saw and the purchases we made!

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Cheryl said...

Loved meeting you in Allentown yesterday. It made the day memorable! Did you happen to see the lady down by the restrooms who was doing things with mica, fiber, napkins, etc? I didn't get her name or website and really want to check out her stuff as it was beautiful. What talent she had. If you picked up her info, could you pass it on to me?
Thanks and happy stamping with your new goodies.