Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last month, during our de-cluttering challenges, I asked the ladies at Bible Study to bring in any cards they received recently that are too nice to throw away. They did. I now have a whole box full!

Here's a card I made from the first card I pulled out of the box. All I had to do for this one was to cut it down to size, run the edges over my green ink pad, add the embroidery floss and stamp the greeting.

As I went through the first stack of cards, I used various punches and coordinating cardstock to make up kits for the first week of my Spring semester classes.

Both the Bible Study on Tuesdays and Mothers Class on Wednesdays will have the same topics each of the 8 weeks. The plan is to start with a brief Bible devotional on the topic for that week (get well, birthday, anniversary, sympathy, just a note, etc.) We'll then make cards to reflect the passage and mail them out as an encouragement to someone the same day. The first and last weeks, we'll make use of donated cards--the rest will be stamped in class using whatever materials I provide.

If you'd like to follow along, I'll put them all under the label for Mothers Class. How 'bout participating with us--it would be fun to have an Internet Extension! Just make a card similar to ours each week and leave a comment that links back to your blog. I'll show the class your creations on my laptop the following week. In other words, you'll see our cards first; then we'll see yours later. I hope you'll join us!

Meanwhile, I'd love to see some of your cards where you've re-used a store-bought card. If you're in the path of this latest snow storm, go for it!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

I received a bday card that I can't wait to recycle like you did.


Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

I do that with Christmas cards and have done that for years! great idea isn't it!! I will send you a video how to make some by e-mail!! TFS, hugs always! G