Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blizzard Advantage

Thanks to this latest blizzard, I was able to de-clutter and really clean out the Stamping Tower like never before (and hopefully, never again :))

Last time I posted a redo of the Tower, the storage units were on the opposite wall; but I like this better because the room looks neater from the door.

Here's what's in all those drawers and containers, starting with the unit closest to the windows:

* the two white drawers contain ribbons in the top one and tools in the bottom one (such as Rollograph supplies, brayers, crimper, etc.)

* the three white containers on top hold, from left to right, SU punches, Marvy punches, and Slice machine with accessories

* next to the drawers are 2 stacked 3-drawer units holding, from top to bottom: glitters and Flower Soft, brass stencils and piercing tools, craft knives and other tools; then, peg stamps, the infamous scrap drawer and other odds and ends in the bottom drawer

* in the narrow space between the drawers and plastic units is the Score-Pal and a cutting pad

* below the drawers, from left to right on the shelves, are embroidery floss, chalks, glue dots, 3-hole punch, Xyron machine, colored pencils, & watercolor pads--all on the stacked paper trays; next are extra assorted markers, a mini 3-drawer unit with coloring tools, 2 sandwich containers with clear embossing powder in one and Prisma glitter in the other, then a stack of Little Sizzles dsp pads; the bottom shelf holds more containers of assorted embossing powders.

* the filing cabinet holds 12 x 12 dsp in the two top drawers, and a file drawer below. I love having the Cuttlebug on top where I can swing around in my chair to use it, which I do often.

* behind the cabinet doors are all the stamps/stamp sets presently in use--I moved out the seasonal ones to the closet where I rotate my supply with each holiday or season

* above the doors are more punches, a white basket of clear stamp sets, a wicker basket of stationery and envies and my SU marker set on the right

* on top are more dsp pads in the container on the left, a basket of Cuttlebug folders and dies, and a box of finished cards waiting to be used

* the wall shelves hold my card holder for displaying my faves, my ink holder, a black container of assorted bottles, a white basket of odds and ends (including a book of Common Birds for accurate bird coloring) and one last basket of Colorbox inks

* on the opposite wall is my table, which I can pull out into the room when stamping buddies come. The beige placemat covers stamp sets and papers to protect them from sunlight damage. Everything else on the table is pretty self-explanatory. I enjoy the "inspiration" prints on the narrow shelf above it; plus I also face the street which I can see below through the trees. After all, I wouldn't want to miss seeing my MIB heading for the driveway!

* I've shown my closet on a previous post, but the top shelf really needed to be "weeded" of unnecessary stuff! (Yes, there is such a thing as "unnecessary" in stamping!)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! (Click on photos for a closer view.)


Michele said...

Redo of your room looks great ... if it is like mine, looks neat for the pictures but a war zone when I'm crafting!
Michele aka DRStamper on SCS

Susan Raihala said...

Funny how great minds think alike. I rearranged my craft room during the snow, too. It was already pretty organized, but I sure like the new arrangement better because the room looks less cluttered and bigger. I've also freed the space under the window, which looks so much nicer. It feels so good, doesn't it?!?!

Jill said...

WOW you have such a great space! And so many fab organizational ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours!