Thursday, January 21, 2010

De-Cluttered Stamping Tower


I've exchanged the messy look of a pile of things waiting to be dealt with and/or put away for the neatness of a beautiful 12" x 12" box from Hobby Lobby. They were on sale for 2/$10; but I bought only one so I wouldn't be tempted to let things keep piling up.

Here's what's in there:

a book to put in the bookcase
SU catalogs
two small notebooks
2 decorated notepads that can be given as gifts later
a package of cough drops (no longer needed, thankfully)
a red tote bag zipped up into a square to go back in my purse
a magazine article on exercises I want to do
another notebook for card ideas from other blogs
23 items to be filed, shredded or put away
15 items to be thrown away (done!)
and a collection of my grandson's artwork from his first year of preschool.

Here's what's left:

the catalogs
the notebooks
the gift notepads
and the magazine article.


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The Syvertsens said...

and there's more artwork coming in the next month or so!