Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today was our first week of the usual Winterim at our Ladies Bible Study. We are using the newest Vanderlaan video series as the basis for an informal discussion. After this series, which we use to give our teaching staff a break before the start of the Spring Semester, we'll return to our regular format of Lecture series and electives.

In addition to the video, I'll be putting out a different challenge each week to encourage us to get our houses in order before the warm weather returns. Since it's such a popular series, I thought I'd share it with you to follow along with us!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: each week, a new challenge is issued for a specific area of our homes. When we come back the next week, we get to share what we accomplished, otherwise known as bragging rights (or rites!) Then the next challenge is issued.

This week's challenge is to attack and de-clutter all the piles of papers, magazines, books, and any other paper clutter in our house and reorganize or purge like crazy. Books and mags that might be of interest to others in our group may be brought in as giveaways; but whatever is left at the end of the session will be either donated to the church library where we meet (if appropriate) or discarded.

For those of you who are following by way of this blog, you could donate or discard things where you are. Maybe you could form a small group of your own to encourage one another, even if only for the next 6 weeks. Then check back here for the next week's challenge on Tuesdays. Meanwhile, I'll label all these challenges under De-Clutter De House so you can find the posts later.

As for your bragging rights, you can publish them here under comments. I'd enjoy hearing from you and sharing your comments with our group!

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Susan Raihala said...

What a great idea, Doris! Thanks for sharing it. I meet with a small group of women almost weekly, and I'm going to propose this to them. Bet they'll be up for it.

Glad your 'puter is functional again!