Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What a nice surprise to have received an award from Kim MacNutt at "Stamping Between the Dishes and the Laundry!" (See link at right.) Coming from her, this is a real honor because she maintains such a beautiful blog. Make sure you give her a visit.

Kim also has a music player on the right side of her blog that contains some wonderful music to stamp by!

Note: Special thanks to my DH for showing me how to post this award. Today is also our 42nd Anniversary!


Kim said...

Doris, your sweet self deserves that award! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Forty-two years is quite an accomplishment! Another accomplishment is that you look too young to have been married 42 years, you young-un!!

NinaB said...

Happy anniversary, Doris! May God give you many more years of wedded bliss together :-).