Thursday, April 10, 2008

Technique Tuesday Tile Card

Tuesday night at Cyndy's house, we made three cards using three techniques. One was with a Spirelli "flower", one using folds and tags, and this one using a faux tile technique. Here's the procedure:

1. Stamp an image on white cardstock and color it in. We used a blender pen and inks to keep the colors subtle.

2. Cut the card stock into 4 vertical strips, spaced unevenly. Then take each strip and cut it across at random intervals in such a way that when you put them together, they give a "brick" effect. The trick here is to cut them one strip at a time and place them on the cardstock (in this case Navy) BEFORE they get mixed up!

3. Sponge the edges of each piece, one at a time. When you finish all of them, begin pasting or taping them to the darker cardstock, also one at a time.

4. Tie matching ribbon around the image and mount to a card.

Very time consuming, a little bit tedious, but soooo worth it!


Anonymous said...

What a nice technique...haven't seen that one before. Very pretty!

Nancy Grant said...

Very neat. Isn't it a great technique?