Thursday, June 16, 2016


One day last week my friend Carolyn mentioned that she'd never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, which is only an hour away.  Since that is my favorite museum, we decided to make the trip and chose this date.  So today, that's where I will be with Carolyn and Evelyn.  It's a rainy day today, which will not affect us at all since the museum has a parking garage attached and a cafeteria with great foods.  We'll start by going on a guided tour of museum highlights, then have lunch and then explore a few exhibits before leaving around 3:00 ahead of rush hour traffic.

Check back tomorrow for an update!

BTW, it's been awhile since my last post because I've been busy making 50 cards for our pastor to use as follow-ups after VBS.  I also made 5 thank-you notes with matching envelopes for my friend, Gail, who had a garden tea last weekend.  I'm now finishing up on a set of thank-yous for our grandson to use for his graduation gifts.  Once I'm done, I plan to post them--hopefully, tomorrow.

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LeAnne said...

You've been busy! Have fun in the city!