Saturday, June 18, 2016


Our inspirational trip to the NY Met. Museum of Art was a lot of fun.  Evelyn, Carolyn and I left my house around 9 am (after rush hour traffic was over) and arrived at the museum around 10:45.  After entering the museum, we first took a guided tour.  Since this was Carolyn's first visit (gasp!) I thought this would be a good way to get oriented.  I reminded her that the museum has artwork everywhere you look, but you have to ignore the displays you're walking through and focus on where you want to go...very hard to do!

The tour was of art in the Byzantine era and lasted one hour.  Our guide was very knowledgeable of the history as well as the art pieces she took us to.  She started with a map of the Mediterranean Ring (North Africa, Spain, Italy, Greece and the Middle East as it was in the time of Constantine.)  The arts included sculpture, architecture, silver and gold artifacts, and even a  stained glass window.  I suspect she had a Phd. but spoke on our level, answering questions from our small group as we went along.  The only downside of the hour was that the marble floors were very hard on my back but it was well worth it.

After lunch in the cafeteria (really a self-serve restaurant the food is so good) we went back upstairs and headed for the Arms and Armor hall.  Carolyn was amazed at the deailed artwork on all the pieces on display, especially those for the horses.  After all, if your horse goes down in battle,  you're going down with it!

Next was a special exhibit on fashion which was unexpectedly amazing.  The centerpiece was a wedding gown of the house of Chanel.  There were gold sequins and gems on a long train that sparkled under the bright lights and reflected in a kaleidescope  on the domed ceiling.  The other exhibits were from several other designers, the most fascinating of which was a cocktail dress made of straws.  They were all stunning!

Next, I took Carolyn and Evelyn to see one of my favorite paintings, a huge masterpiece of Joan of Arc as a young peasant girl..  From there, we went to see their collection of impressionist paintings.  After a stop to browse the gift shop, we headed for home, a bit tired from all the walking but happy to have done it.

Praise God for getting us home safely in heavy traffic going 70 mph or more!

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Sounds like an awesome day!