Thursday, July 16, 2015


Yesterday, Gail, one of my friends at Bible Study, paid a visit to someone I had made a card for a few weeks ago who is battling cancer.  She told me that when she got there, she saw that my card was on display as a continual encouragement to the lady who had received it.  When I heard that, I was just blown away.  I'm so glad Gail called and told me that because I know people like to receive cards, but never realized just how much it can mean to someone.

Here are a few suggestions in making cards more meaningful:

1.  Make it timely.  A quick response to someone in need underscores your care and concern.  If you didn't hear right away, you could start with "I just heard..."

2.  Keep it simple.  It doesn't have to be a long letter.  In fact, based on my own experience, it's easier to "digest" a brief expression at a time when it's hard to concentrate.  This is one case where less is more.

3.  Be Yourself.  No need to be eloquent, just be personal.  If you knew the person who died, for instance, mention something positive that you'll remember about them, even if it's just their smile.

4.  End with something encouraging.  I usually include a short Bible verse and the assurance that I'll be keeping them in prayer, if appropriate to the person.  Otherwise, you could say that you'll be thinking of them.  BTW, if I use a Bible verse, I always put it on the front of the card so that when it's standing up on display the verse is visible.

I hope this helps take some of the apprehension out of sending words of encouragement!


Bonnie said...

I had an email from one of my daughter's friends the other day who is battling cancer. My daughter stocked up on cards last time she was here so she can send her one each week. Her friend told me how much she was enjoying the cards and has them set on her mantle where she can see them often. It's such a small thing to send a card but such a big thing to the person who receives it and knows that you care.

Kim S said...

I've had the same experience. Sometimes it seems like sending a card is such a small thing - but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it means so very much to the recipient