Saturday, January 31, 2015


With all the winter storms badgering our area this winter, forcing us to stay inside waaaay more than we would like, it's time to put some cabin fever to good use!

HERE'S THE CHALLENGE:  Start with purging the paper piles in the house.  We don't need those Christmas catalogs any more, do we?  File what needs filing, shred what needs shredding, and do some purging and tossing.  Then brag about your accomplishments here where it might give someone else a boost.

Next week will be a new challenge, so let's get started!

Here's a tip:  I've cut down on the space used for white cardstock scraps (I use them for small greetings on cards) by following my rule of keeping only those pieces that are larger than a business card.  When the scrap drawer gets too full, I just go through it and toss the smaller pieces (or give them away.)

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Shelly said...

Thankfully I don't live in an area where we get snow, but we have been working on purging stuff lately. We put a big box in a central place in the house and as we weed things out we fill the box. We have filled several for hubby to haul off to be donated or some to be recycled, etc. I also cleaned out a large file drawer, which I hadn't purged in a number of years. Feels good to get some of the excess out.