Sunday, May 18, 2014


Brandy Cox did a YouTube demo of this design which I have CASEd for some of my Christmas cards this year.  This first version  features a flap that goes over the entire opening and is held in place with the greeting.  She actually CASEd the new catalog (p. 127) for her version!  I thought this would work nicely for a Christmas card, so I came up with this one.  However, to mass produce it (I send 100 cards/year) the flap closure would take up more time, so I came up with the second version below.   I also reversed the colors to see which looks better.  Instead of the flap, the pieces are simply glued down on the front as shown.  I could still do it either way colorwise, but can't decide which color scheme I like better.  Which do you like best?

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Bonnie said...

I think I like the colors on the first one better! I like the bow on the second one the best! Love that plaid paper!