Monday, December 30, 2013


 Was I busy this Christmas or what????

It's time to put the tower back together, but first I thought I'd give you a tour of the "before."  The first photo was taken from my desk chair toward the closet and Jenny's (my cat) chair.  In the foreground is the edge of my table with a pile of papers on the end.  Next is my desk with the monitor and keyboard.  The waste basket is pulled out from underneath the desk.  In front of it is a stack of 2 plastic containers filled with Christmas stamps, with even more on top.  Behind the waste basket is a box on the floor with a duplicate order that came in on Christmas Eve that I have to return -- like I needed the extra work!  To the right of that on the floor is a pack of printer paper, which belongs in the white cabinet currently blocked by two tote bags.  Behind the chair is the closet, which remained fairly neat, probably because everything I needed is pulled out!  This part of the room shouldn't take long to get back together.  The real challenge is my stamping table area.

The second photo shows my Cuttlebug still open from the last use.  Paper piles in several spots have to be sorted and put away, as well as some punches, stamps and inks.

But first, I need to go downstairs and have my coffee.  See you back here later for the "after" photos!

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