Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 Here's my desk blotter and most-used items surrounding it.  I recently came up with a way to maximize the stamping area with a very simple product by Crayola.  It's a sheet of thick frosted plastic I got at Hobby Lobby and cut to fit the blotter.  (Sorry, I forget what it's called.)  Underneath, I placed a sheet of SU grid paper which I use to line up my stamping or to center something on a card front.  What a help that is!  As you can see, I keep my Cuttlebug handy on the right since I use it often.

One of my most annoying problems was having to waste time looking for things that got buried under scraps, etc.  Clear acrylic handles were the items "lost" most often.  I used to store all my embossing folders and dies in the top drawer underneath the Cuttlebug; but I moved them elsewhere.  In the front of the drawer, a plastic container holds all my adhesives so that I can put them back as I use them--no more hunting for them on the table!  I just keep that drawer open whenever I'm working.  On the right side of the drawer is a container for my acrylic handles, which you can hardly see--proof of just how easy it is for one of them to "hide" on the table.  Behind those containers is a shallow one to hold incoming cards that need to be answered.

 Having a small space forces me to be more efficient and to purge my supplies often, so bigger is not always better!

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