Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stamp Storage/Organizing

Here's how I have organized my stamps so I can find what I need quickly:

On the closet shelf are seasonal, less frequently used stamp sets. The drawers on the left contain Fall stamps, Spring stamps and JustRite stamps and handles. The Fall and Spring drawers are swapped out as the seasons change. On the right are quilling supplies, House Mouse stamps and Lettering sets. (Not shown is a file drawer underneath my table where I keep evertyhing Christmas, stamps in the top drawer and file folders below with assorted Christmas designer papers.)

Behind closed doors in the cabinet behind where I sit are all the stamps I currently am using. Stacked on the top shelf are all word stamps, with Bible verses on the far right. The containers below are labeled: Birthday (words), Misc. (year-round words and images, such as music notes, all-purpose phrases, backgrounds), Bible verses. The bottom shelf holds All-purpose images, Spring trees and flowers and finally, Cats. Next month, I'll swap out the Spring container and switch to summer flowers.

On the shelf above the doors (not shown) are two plastic containers, one for SU clear mount sets and the other for all my clear stamp sets divided into birthday, nature and florals. Two other containers house my small punches. The larger punches are stored on top of the adjoining cabinet.

Also not shown is a bookcase in the hallway just outside my "tower" door which holds all my older SU sets arranged seasonally and swapped out every now and then according to what I'm currently working on. Magazine holders on the bottom shelf house old catalogs and magazines for inspiration.

I hope this little "tour" helps with ideas for your own stamping supplies!

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Leslie Miller said...

Oh, gosh, don't we always need storage and organizing ideas! Thanks for sharing this. Makes me want to get in my room and straighten out a few things!