Monday, June 23, 2008

Great Saves!

Here are two cards that required correcting for various defects. Both cards are done with the Hero Arts Patterned Butterflies (set of 4.)

The orange butterfly card started out with a miss-punched scallop, covered up by one of the butterflies. Then I stamped the greeting on the bottom, not realizing that it said happy "bird-day"--duh... So I covered up the word with a letter B for butterfly!

The blue butterfly card was even more complicated! First, I punched the bottom edge too high above the blue strip on the inside, so I had to attach an extra strip of blue beneath the top flap.

Then, I inked the bottom edge in dark blue, but when I laid it down, the ink was touching the blue underneath and left a faint mark across the bottom. So I got out my sewing stitches stamp and covered that up.

Next, I tied the blue check ribbon around and snipped the ends just right; but when I opened up the card, I discovered the ribbon was twisted on the inside. So I tied a piece of embroidery floss in a bow to make it look intentional. I think it looks better that way actually! (The message inside came out fine, but the scanner made it look uneven.)

Last, but not least, I stamped the word "celebrate" across the front. Can you see where I had to fill in with a pen?

Just goes to show that there are lots of ways to save a card! (BTW, all the blues match better than it looks here.)


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Yep, great saves! ;-)

Diane Barnes said...

Hi Doris
These cards are so fresh & happy. I think some of the best ideas come from 'cover ups'.
Best wishes, Di
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too.

Kim said...

lol Sounds like some of my card adventures! Great saves, Doris!