Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the Subject of Smudges

The question came up on SCS about what to do with a smudge, otherwise known as a "creative opportunity." Can you find it on this card? (Click to enlarge.)

Somehow, I managed to get a tiny splotch of red ink in the upper left corner, so I stamped "What's New?" over it; but that wasn't enough. To balance it out and make it look "intentional" I got out my matching red marker and added dots around the tree and on the ends of the blossoms. Then I took the red ink pad and added a few more smudges on the edges--I think it's done now!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

What an awesome save! Great card making skills!!


Diane said...

Love this card! So's great. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the candy fun. Loved your suggestions for video tutorials. Just yesterday I was telling one of my classes that I'd love to try that...I've seen some really helpful, cute and funny ones that are just delightful. I'm getting some wonderful ideas...thanks for contributing!!! I'll be back!

twinkletoe said...

I just visited your site from K werners. I wanted to see your stamp room. Its very lovely. Wish I could get mine organized!! Love your cards. I'll be baaaaaaaack.

Quilt Nut said...

you did a great job blending it in. love that stamp

Anthonette said...

Hi Doris, I do like the way you made your smudge appear intentional. Next time I'll have to try that method.

I do enjoy your blog. How exciting to travel to Prague.