Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ginger's Technique-Tuesday-Held-on-Wednesday Class

Evelyn, Mary and I took this class last night at Ginger's house, where Ginger "de-mystified" the techniques used to make these cards. The middle one is a slider card, and was the hardest to make; but it was well worth the effort (shown opened here.)

The red card is a shadow box card, which was easy to do once we saw how it was done. The autumn card is a tunnel card, and it was also easy to do. Could it be that it's just because Ginger is such a good instructor? (Thank you, Ginger!)

Evelyn is new at stamping--only a couple of weeks. She and Mary had stamped earlier in the day here at the Stamping Tower, and she's making fast progress. After admiring Evelyn's cards last night, Mary cracked us up when she said, "You're the only stamper I know who's gone from Beginner to Advanced in one day!"


Anonymous said...

All the cards look beautiful! It's always nice to do new techniques, but even nicer to stamp with friends! ;)

Ginger said...

Thank you for your sweet comments about our Technique class. I would never have guessed that Evelyn has only been stamping a couple of weeks! She did a great job.
I have also posted these cards on my blog:

Hope to stamp together again soon!