Tuesday, December 22, 2015

5 Ways to Get Better Service at the Mall

1.  WEAR A SMILE:  People are naturally attracted to happy people, so avoid looking rushed, annoyed, or stressed out.  A warm smile, but not a big grin, goes a long way to lighten things up.  You might start feeling more cheerful yourself!

2.  FIX YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP:  Check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house.  Since I'm allergic to most makeup, all I can wear is lipstick; so I make sure to keep it freshly applied during the day.  Pay special attention to your hair as well.

3.  DRESS WELL:  It's amazing what a difference a nicer coat or jacket can make.  In warmer climates, a pretty blouse or shirt with sleeves looks dressier than a tank top or sleeveless shirt, especially when paired with lightweight slacks or crops instead of shorts. 

4.  FRAME YOUR FACE:  Now that you're smiling, choose simple accessories that you enjoy wearing.  Earrings, a nice scarf or necklace, or a pretty pin make a simple outfit a little more attractive.  Don't overdo it, though.  Think office look rather than party!

5.  LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD:  Too many bulky packages can not only make you look stressed, but also make you feel that way--because you are!  Either bring a tote bag with you to consolidate packages, or take a few minutes to put them in your car before continuing your shopping.  If you're shopping at a large mall, it might be a good idea to move your car to the other end for a shorter walk.  Sounds crazy, but I do that all the time.  Not only does it help my feet, but I also get to sit down for a few minutes in the car.

These tips are from my own experience on both sides of the counter.  I learned this years ago when I stopped at a department store one night after work.  Since I was still in office clothes, I got noticeably better service that day than ever before.  From then on, I've followed these guidelines whenever I shop!

BTW, salespeople get stressed too, especially at this time of year.  You can help by being patient, having your cash or credit card ready and being polite.  Happy shopping!

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