Monday, July 14, 2014


Someone who loves purple will be receiving this birthday card in a day or two.

The vase was re-discovered during my last cleanup, and it works best with my collection of peg stamps.  It came in a packet of several designs with a foam dot attached to each one.  Just another reason to re-organize my stash every now and then!  After stamping the flowers and leaves, I attached the vase and added the jute bow.  A little gray shading and a tiny flower gem, (purple, of course) and the card was done.

Later, I made two more pastor cards with another vase for one and a basket stamp for the other.

(Click on cards to enlarge.)

Love those peg stamps!


Kim S said...

You do amazing things with these peg stamps. The vases were a great find!

Bonnie said...

I love the pretty bouquets you make with the peg stamps. Love the vases and basket too!