Wednesday, October 2, 2013


 Today at Mothers Class, I not only remembered to bring my camera; but I also remembered to USE IT!

Evelyn donated her card to the package I made up for the pastor.  I had only three, so hers was the fourth.  Thanks, Evelyn!

Jackie gave the camera a big smile, while Bambi finished working on hers in the background.

Kim's card came out great!

Each stamper used a different Bible verse for her card, so it was a nice variety.

Finally, the class worked on their Christmas cards.  Nicole is on the left.  Although she arrived late, she caught up quickly and finished all three of her cards.  (We do two of the Christmas cards each week so that everyone has a nice stash by December.)

If you click on the photos, you'll see why they're called the Advanced Class!


Bonnie said...

I see some pretty Fall leaves! Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves! You do this every week?

Doris said...

Yes, every week the preschool is in session--the highlight of my week!