Monday, September 16, 2013


To bring you up to date, here's what's been happening since my last post:

First, I was able to "erase" the damage to my car on my own with a spray bottle of Orange Blast and a paper towel.  All that's left is a tiny scratch or two that need some touch-up paint.  This is after 2 estimates of $1200 and $1400 from the collision repair shops--what a rip-off.  No wonder our insurance rates are so high.  I also saved the $500 we would have had to pay as our deductible--that's a LOT of stamps!

Sunday (the 8th) we were able to get to church, and I'm so glad we didn't miss it.  We usually go to the early service, so we don't often get to hear the choir.  They sang four times during the early service, which was just beautiful; and the sermon was outstanding.  It felt really good to be back after missing 4 in a row because of my fall and being on vacation.

Speaking of vacation, here are a couple of pictures:  The first sunrise from our bedroom windows and the pool the next day.  The house was very comfortable for all 10 of us, and we already reserved it again for next year!

Back at home, we are having a new heating and A/C system installed, so the house was "invaded" by workmen for the week.  We still have one more installation to go, and then we can get back to normal.  

BUT, the "fun" really started Thursday night with a line of violent storms that came through and knocked out power for two days.  Thankfully, the generator enabled the workmen that were here to keep going the next day.  We had heat overnight on Friday, and we could see a huge improvement over the old system!  Saturday we still ran the generator (on and off) all day, but went to our daughter's house for a hot dinner and some laughs.  By the time we got home, the power had come back on.  Yesterday was bright and sunny in the 70's with no wind, so I was able to sit on the deck with the Sunday Times crossword and enjoy the weather one more day before it gets too cold.

Stamping has resumed, so check out my next post! (below)

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