Monday, June 6, 2011


Laura and family will be here in just a few weeks (from Prague) for almost a month's stay, and I can hardly wait! It's been six months since we've seen them, and I'm looking forward to their visit. Since there's tons to do (cleaning, shopping, meal planning, etc.) blogging will be on hold for awhile.

Please use the email link on the top right so that you'll know when I do post a card or two. Even though I won't be blogging as much, I'll still be stamping!

I hope you're enjoying your summer, too. I just love the longer days and outdoor activities after the cold, gray days of winter. Even our cats are happier!

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dana said...

How exciting to have your family for an entire month!!! I know you guys will fill every moment with great memories!

We went from cold to hot in's been in the 90s for about a week. I even ran in the horrid heat (and dreadful humidity) two of those wasn't easy. I have my 5th 5K in the morning. I am still dealing with Plantar Fasciitis in one foot, so I don't run more than twice a week right now. It is slowly improving, however.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


PS My kitties definitely like the summer more than the winter. They are loving "bird watching" !