Saturday, August 2, 2014


Just getting back to my "tower" after a week of one thing after another.  Without going into details, my week included removing the small furniture from two guest rooms and the stamping tower in time for new carpeting to be installed on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I pulled my back out on Monday afternoon and am still not back to normal.  With all the supplies in a stamping room, it took a lot of time and effort to empty the room and closet.  Thankfully, Joan was able to come and help.  I managed to take before and after pictures which I will post later on today.  The whole process enabled me to purge all three rooms again.  The new carpet makes the rooms look so much bigger and neater--worth waiting 25 years for!

After the carpet installers left, Joyce and Jan came to help me put everything back in the rooms where they belong.  Later, I took a break in the sun on the back deck and got stung by a hornet...very nasty!  It itched for three days after.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent restoring each room, all of which are finally done.  Yesterday, Joan and I went to Wegman's to grocery shop--a 45-minute ride, but well worth it.  My heated seats helped sooth my back during the ride, an added benefit.

Today I have a list of things to do and errands to run before leaving tomorrow for Long Island again.  My sister will be on vacation, so I need to be there for my 96-year old dad.  Although he lives in his own apartment a mile away from her house (amazing!) someone still needs to be available in case of a problem.  I will take him to the adult day care center for Monday and Tuesday, then return home on Wednesday.  I hope to relax on my sister's sunny deck; but I will definitely miss being able to stamp!

I sure hope next week is more relaxing...


Bonnie said...

Take care, Doris! Feel better soon and enjoy your Dad.

Shelly said...

Whew! You have been busy, Doris. I'm praying for a safe and relaxing trip for you.