Monday, December 6, 2010


Our son-in-law, Chris, is part owner/manager of a new hostel in Prague which will be featured on the Today Show Dec. 9th. Not only is The Mosaic House sleek and modern (already a success!) but is also "green" which I assume is the main interest for the show. Camera crews have already been there to film. Enjoy!

(For a further look at the Mosaic House, you can check it out here.) There are shared rooms for backpackers and luxurious single rooms for world travelers, all at reasonable rates. The decor is stunning, the food outstanding and the staff friendly.

If I sound like a proud mother-in-law, it's because I am!

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The Syvertsens said...

Thanks-I wish we could see it! I don't think he was interviewed-they did come with cameras the other day but just for some visuals.