Sunday, July 25, 2010


In case you're wondering why I haven't posted in so long, it's because every available minute has been spent getting all the crafts ready for this week (except for a brief vacation.) We start tomorrow, and I'm so glad the heat wave broke this afternoon. With 200 kids coming, it would have been less fun in 90 degree heat. A line of showers came through today, pushing out the hot muggy air, reducing the temps by 10-15 degrees. Yay!!

Meanwhile, in spite of the oppressive heat and humidity in Boston last week, we had a great time sightseeing with our son and his family on our 4-day trip there. Hopefully, I can post some pictures one afternoon when I get home from VBS.

Hope you're getting some relief from the heat where you are too!

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LeAnne said...

I am doing the same thing this week, Doris......all my time has been spent preparing!!! I will be relieved when it is over. One class I have 86 kids at one time.....the director and I have to have a TALK!!! :D