Monday, March 1, 2010

DE-CLUTTER DE HOUSE (Final Challenge)

The final challenge is to look around your house as though you're a potential buyer and deal with anything that would detract from a good showing. Things out of place can be put away, unwanted items can be donated, table tops can be cleared--you know what needs to be done, right? Just use this perspective to wrap up your de-cluttering until we repeat the process next Fall!

Young children can help, too. Put on some marching band music, turn up the volume and enlist their help to put things away. Keep it short but FUN, for you as well as them. Pick things up and march to the beat of the music while you move them to other rooms. Empty waste baskets, polish furniture, swoosh toilets, put way clean laundry...

Now that winter is almost over (but not the snowstorms!)it's time to move on to more "fun" things, like stamping and other creative outlets. Aren't you glad you got your house in order? Enjoy!


The Syvertsens said...

I bet I know one grandson who is already too smart for that trick. It's straight-up forced labor here.

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Well, Well... its been ages since I have been on line, firstly wish you a happy birthday girl! I am sorry due to many of my health issues I went down hill, and it took me a lot of time to come back to the living world - I am on mends from depression and working on getting better with my back too! All is well, and I hope it stays that way too! Hope all is well with you too! Nice to see all those beautiful cards!! TFS and hugs always! G