Monday, September 1, 2008

Ready for Fall!

I've been busy getting all the designs ready for the Fall Semester at Bible Study. This year, I decided to try something new: an "After School Activity" for those who want to make holiday cards. As soon as Bible Study is over, I will demo that week's card for 15-20 minutes before offering kits to take home and make. The images will be pre-stamped for them to color and mount on the card. I've kept them as simple as possible, as seen in this first card for Sept. 16th. (The same cards will be done in the Mothers Class at church, except that they'll stamp and assemble them there.)

Each kit will contain all the pieces (and envies) for 2 cards, at a charge of only $1 to cover the cost of materials. There are 3 autumn designs, 1 Halloween, 1 Thanksgiving and 6 Christmas cards, for a total of 11 designs.

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